Winning at IKEA!

 Shortly after unpacking we realized we are going to need some different pieces for the new loft. The space is soooooo different from our single family home and nothing seems to be fitting. After a few days online shopping and not finding anything we loved we decided it was best to just browse a few places in person. Home Goods, Living Spaces, Target… all the usual suspects. Being that its right up the road we stopped by Ikea. We didn’t go in with a big shopping list or any expectations but after walking into the As-Is section we came out with 2 packed carts!!!

{Q looks so happy to pack this up right?!}

   I realize As-Is is a hit or miss section but last night we left #winning! The project list for this loft just got a huge boost of momentum and Im so excited to transform these pieces and get my “hack” on. Now off to shop for new DIY supplies!

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