Tiny tour!

Its a new year and we are in full swing DIY mode with our new “tiny project”. In my last post I shared about our newest purchase and living space. A used Big Horn fifth wheel we demoed and are now renovating. There are stacks of projects and to-do lists lined up for this new space but I thought I’d share a simple “before” tour first.

Tiny tour

The all-in-one floor plan completely sold us on this model! We loved the “feel” and all the possibilities the open concept gave us. And can you say pop-out?! We’ve got 2 LARGE slides on the main floor and an additional one in the bedroom.

Tiny tour

The kitchen is packed with cabinets and storage which is a major plus. It even has a full size pantry and extra storage in the island. For foodies like us these are major wins!

Tiny tour

Throughout the space there are “residential” features like the solid countertops and pendant lights. Its not our style(at all! ha!) but it still makes a difference. Most of these features will probably be altered or replaced but having the “bones” set up in a way we like is one less step on our to-do lists.

The petite dining room and sofa space may feel small in comparison to standard furniture but its plenty for the two of us. And more importantly it will be easy to redesign!

The bathroom is pretty basic and by now you should see a theme… beige walls + brown wood. Cant wait to rectify that sitch! This little space is no different. We did appreciate the 3 full cabinets and walk in shower. Q is 6ft tall and asking him to cram into those tiny corner showers would have been a joke.

And finally the bedroom! Which had our one basic requirement: space for a king bed! We absolutely LOVE our bed/mattress and neither of us was willing to give it up. We also loved all the cabinet space and full walk around access.


Clearly we are starting out with a great unit and if we were simply using this for travel/camping it would be great as-is. But, calling this home for the next chapter means we are happily putting in some major DIY hours to make the space better suited to our tastes. I cannot wait to share these plans and projects with you guys! We’ve got some big ones coming!

So tell me about your camper, trailer, and RV experiences! Have you ever been a ‘full-timer’? Did you redecorate? Remodel? You know I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

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  1. Can’t wait to see what you do with it and how!! My husband and I are debating getting one because we are on the road sooo much, so I am totally hooked on your project and progress right now!!

  2. What a great use of space. I definitely admire people who can live in such small areas. Can’t wait to see the outcome!

  3. I can’t wait to see what you do to this! I had no idea you could even get an rv big enough for a king sized bed! Good luck and I’m sure it will look great when it’s done!

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