Storage Solutions: Underbed Real Estate

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Underbed Storage

If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen #loftlife plenty. I love it. Really its been a challenge in the best way to adapt to loft living. One of the challenges we’ve come across is how to live(realistically) in an appealing space when everything is so open. It takes very little to clutter up this loft so finding hidden spaces to use for storage has been crucial. Obviously those “hidden” spaces are scarce in the loft. But everyone has at least one great hidden space for storage: underbed real estate!

The number of underbed storage boxes and bins available is nuts! You can find them in nearly every color, size, and shape so if you have ANY space under your bed you can take advantage. We have a fairly low bed so it took a bit of extra online searching to find a set that would really utilize the whole space. I came across these and decided to give them a try. I could fit 6 total under our king size bed and they were totally affordable.

Underbed Storage Solution

After living in our loft for a few weeks we had weeded out the items we wanted to keep with us but didn’t use very often. Some of the items that made it into the bags were spare linens, seasonal clothes, and bulky beach towels. With 6 full bags these are totally life savers for our closets and cutting clutter. This is basically the equivalent of half a closet people!

Underbed Storage Solution

After living with the bags for a while I was completely happy with their usefulness. Their visual clutter…. not so much. We don’t have a comforter that reaches to ground so being able to see them under the bed was obnoxious. Enter my search for a bed skirt that didn’t remind me of something from a victorian home. Also, am I the only one that thinks of Bunny and the dust ruffle argument when bed skirts are brought up? Didn’t think so!

Underbed Storage Solution

Again, our bed being lower than average meant finding a suitable product took a little extra searching. If you have a standard height bed you can use one straight out of the package. Unfortunately this was not the case for us. They simply do not make bedskirts the right size for our height. So I ordered the closest size, trimmed, and hemmed it to fit. Hemming is one of the simplest sewing skills but easily one of the most useful for DIY projects. If you haven’t mastered this I promise its worth looking up a tutorial and/or practicing. It will open up the products you can use for projects significantly.

Underbed Storage Solution

With the 6 underbed bags and and 1 custom fit bedskirt we have completely upped our storage! The fact that you cant even tell we are using the space for storage is a total bonus as well!

Underbed Storage Solution

So what spaces have you used for secret storage? Have you converted your underbed real estate into useful space? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Underbed Storage Solution

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  1. This is genius! Although I’m not sure I have the necessary skills to sew the bedskirt on my own (yeak, I suck at sewing, like big time 🙈). This solves a huge storage problem that a currently have! Perfect! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  2. Yeah… I always forget how much space I have under my bed xD thanks for the reminder!! I just gotta get those bins haha

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