Lazy Gallery Wall

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Gallery walls are classic and I’ve used them somewhere in nearly every place we’ve lived! But all the measuring and math involved in the traditional way of hanging them is more work than I’m ever willing to do. Ever. Even the day I hung my thesis for our Senior Show I brought my paint stick(half this hack!) and finished hanging in minutes. And guess what? Not a single professor or photographer suggested any adjustments! So be lazy. Im giving permission. Ha! Or just consider yourself a bit more efficient because this guide to a lazy gallery wall will help get your art up in no time!

Lazy gallery wall

The wall beside our bed is totally basic but the space is open and perfect for something a bit oversized. After going through the stacks of canvases and framed photos we have left to hang I decided on a set I took in school. The photos are pieces of Q in his uniform a few years ago and they are still some of my absolute favorites. Plus, all the navy works perfect with our new palette! #winning

Ok, so the only measuring this requires is setting the mid-point. Which, I know(thank you art school) always gets placed at 58″ from the floor. I couldn’t tell you the science of why this is so esthetically pleasing but it works so I don’t mess with this measurement. This means the middle of your collection as a whole is placed at the 58″.

Lazy Gallery Walls

Once you find that midpoint(58″) slap a piece of painters tape up long enough to line your grouping. Use a tape the same width you want between your images since this is essentially your hanging guide. Add a piece that intersects your first guide at the horizontal midpoint(creating a T). Using a laser level to make sure these two pieces are well set and level. A little attention to detail on the first two will ensure the rest of the group is lined up well.

Lazy gallery wall

Use the old paint stick trick to hang your first frame. Start with the ones you want in the middle as you will be working your way out. This method of hanging makes it super easy to line up the edges of your frames with the tape guides. Once the first frame is set add your next piece of painters tape to the opposite side of the image(pictured). Again, these are your spacers! Continue working your way out and up. I promise your wall will come together in minutes. Really, minutes!

Lazy gallery wall

Before you pull the tape off your finished wall use a small amount of Blu-Tack to keep everything in place. Blu-Tack is a repositionable adhesive that will keep your frames perfectly lined up without leaving any residue on your paint or holes in your drywall. This really keeps your frames tightly lined up and it only takes a few seconds to place a dab behind each frame.

Lazy gallery wall

When everything is set simply peel off that painters tape(so gratifying!) and enjoy your perfectly placed gallery wall!

Lazy gallery wall

Lazy gallery wall

So have you installed a gallery wall lately? Used any tricks for hanging quickly? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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