DIY Pillow Case Kit GIVEAWAY!

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Happy Friday everyone! What better way to celebrate Friday than a giveaway(que happy dance!)?! I loved working on my last painted pillow case and decided you will too. So I’ve put together a DIY Pillow Case Kit for one lucky winner. Let me tell you all about it!DIY Pillow Case Kit Giveaway

This pillow case can be filled in with any number of colors to work in your space! I used 3 different colors from our new living room palette but the sky is the limit on this project. You could fill every triangle with a different color if thats what floats your boat!

I used a touch of Martha Stewart Fabric Medium in my paints to keep everything pliable so I’ve included a bottle in the kit as well. I’ve used this on projects big and small and it never fails me! Its easy to use and it wont change the color of your paints.

And speaking of paints… you’ll need some brushes to fill those shapes with paint right? Right! So I’ve included a set of those too. I have to admit… Im a total brush abuser. I know my art school professors would just cringe at the poor treatment but I cant help it. Sometimes I mix with brushes, leave them sitting in water, store them on the ledge of the sink…. guess Im just a casual brush owner? So its no wonder I tend to use basic acrylic brushes you buy in bulk. Ha! But they hold up well and I don’t feel guilty if one(or some) get destroyed in the wake of some creativity.

Painted Throw Pillows

Ok! To recap what this kit includes:

-1 printed 18″ x 18″ zippered pillow case.

– 6 oz. bottle Martha Stewart Crafts Fabric Medium.

-1 set Studio Paint Brushes.

Sounds pretty good right?! Right! All you have to do is pick your paints and start transforming your pillow case! So click the link below to enter and be sure to share with your friends! Good luck!

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Congratulations Diana P! You’re our winner! Thank you to everyone that entered, we had such a great time putting this together. And remember you can still shop these products on Amazon by clicking the links directly in the article.

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  1. I love this, my first time here, love your blog. This would be a great present for my daughter, she loves to paint

  2. I love this, my first time here, love your blog. This would be a great present for my daughter, she loves to paint,thank you for the chance

  3. I loved the post on creating your own throw blanket pillow cases. Thanks for always sharing creative and fun projects!

  4. This is really a nice giveaway! So creative. My granddaughter would enjoy helping me with this too. Thank you!

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