Bike Storage Part 2

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Bikes. We obviously love them and not long ago I posted about our first bike storage solution. The bike pulley has been one of our favorite finds and it has served us well so far. That said, we were ready to find another way to store the second bike in our loft. We wanted to check out other options so our stairway/ceiling space didn’t get too cluttered. Which is when we found these bike hangers. They can be hung from the ceiling or a wall which meant they provided LOTS of options!

Bike Storage

When we first moved into the loft we didn’t think much about the opening in the down stairs room. I just assumed we would design around it and leave it as is. I should have known better! After trying a few different floor plans for both rooms(either side of this wall and opening) I was really wishing the thing was just solid. So we closed it off with curtains and set up the living room accordingly.

Bike Storage

The space stayed this way for quite some time and my bike lived on the other side. It was generally propped up against the wall and while it wasn’t in the way it still visually cluttered the space. One day while propping my bike up after a ride I realized the bike was about the same size as the opening itself. Lightbulb moment! I lifted the bike up and sure enough it totally fit in the opening. The wall here is thicker than normal so the width of the handlebars also wasn’t going to be an issue.

Bike Storage

After I bought two hangers we installed them using drywall anchors. We spent some time living with a “framed” bike I realized I wanted the option to close the space completely. Back to Amazon to order some basic curtain panels for the office side of this wall! After hanging a new rod and both panels the bike storage part 2 was complete!

Bike Storage

The panels look a bit translucent in the photo but its just the sun/lighting. They are completely opaque and when they are closed you cant tell there is anything behind them. Its insanely easy to hang my bike up and throw the curtains closed after a ride. And nobody would ever guess there is a bike or opening behind these panels!

I realize not everyone has an opening specifically like this but its not the point. The point is to look for unexpected spaces to use for storage! Im sure most people don’t evaluate hallways, banisters, windows, openings, soffits, etc for their storage potential. But if you look past the “assumed” function you may just find a little hidden storage potential.

So what spaces have you converted into storage? Have any other fabulous bike storage tips to share? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

Bike Storage

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