We’re going tiny!

I know I mentioned a move in my last post but now its official: we’re going tiny! Tiny living that is! We purged and packed and purchased our little 300-something sqft on wheels.

We’ve lived in so many different types of spaces over the years. Single family homes, town homes, barracks, apartments, lofts, single rooms and even a few couches have made the list. It was really only a matter of time before we tried tiny living right? Right! Ha!

Going Tiny

So the new space is a 36ft Bighorn Fifth wheel we demoed and have begun renovating to fit our style. It has already been sooooo different from any other project and space we’ve previously taken on and we’re LOVIN it! Over the next few months I’ll be sharing all the dirty behind the scenes and DIY projects as we transform this space.

I know people join the #tinymovement for all sorts of reasons. Some want to save money, live debt free, travel the country, go off grid, go completely minimalist and a myriad of other reasons. And all those reasons are fantastic. But I cant say we have one single reason in mind. Honestly, its more of a list. Ha!

I’m sure I’ll share more deets on the why, when, and how but the majority of content here on the blog will stay all about that #DIYlife! We have so many projects to change this space from top to bottom and I cant wait to share with you guys!

So have you considered going tiny? Could you do 300 square feet? You know I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

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  1. Me and my husband our recent full time RVers, Nov ’17, and we really enjoyed purging all of out items from our 4 bedroom house to our 34 ft fifth wheel. So far we have loved every minute living in a smaller space. Its a lot less to take care of which gives us more time to live life!! 🙂

  2. I’m not married, but I would love to (when I get married) take a year off, rent/buy an RV, and just live/travel in it. I’d never heard of renovating one before, so I look forward to following your journey.

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