Upcycled Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island DIY
   Kitchen storage. Is there really ever enough? In my case the answer to that has always been NO! We’ve lived in so many different spaces and even the ones with the biggest kitchens still lacked enough storage to house all my kitchen supplies. I realize I may have more than the average person (and even most foodies). But! Being a food photographer as my “day job” means my kitchen doubles as my office and all my tools, dishes, thingamabobs, etc double as my props. Do you see why the upcycled kitchen island was the first DIY we tackled upon moving into the loft? Right. 

   When we moved across the country we decided to use Upack to move the majority of our household goods. The company drops off a container, you fill it, they drive it across the county, and eventually drop it off at your new home. Simple and super budget friendly. Only hitch is you have to pack it all yourself. Now we have moved several times in the last 10 years of making homes together but we have never packed for this big of a move and never with this kind of container. We did our best and man did we pack a LOT of junk items into that space… maybe a little too much. At least weight wise. And maybe a little too much on top of what used to be our dinning room table…


   When we finally unpacked enough boxes to uncover the table we realized the wood completely split(insert super sad face). At first my mind started to wonder how we could repair it and how we could start some new woodworking projects in the middle of our new place… and then I realized that was too crazy even for us! So we pulled the legs off and I figured the top itself could make a good desk top or even just another backdrop/surface for my shoots. I quickly changed that train of thought once we unpacked another stack of kitchen boxes and realized I needed more storage and an island would be perfect in the space: 

(Doesn’t that space look like it was made for a huge kitchen island?! I thought so too)

    We already had a few old expedite bookcases and some metal legs from a previous configuration. So we just tipped them on their sides, attached the legs, and threw the old table top on! After a few more days of unpacking I added the lid holder to the far side and a couple magazine holders to corral those annoying water bottles which are always too tall to fit in apartment kitchen cupboards:

   I also added some fabric storage bins to hide some of the less attractive items. As much as I love seeing pretty kitchens with open storage and all white plates and pottery but thats just not realistic for me. I have a huge variety of sizes, colors, and shapes and when you try to use completely open storage it just looks messy and visually cluttered. So bins for the win!
 After a few days of using the island we added some rubber feet between the table top and the book cases to help with the small amount of shifting we had. We didn’t really want to attach the top with brackets or other hardware because it seemed like overkill and it would look messy. So far there haven’t been any issues with shifting but I’ll come back with an update after it gets a little more use. 

   So DIY project #1 for this loft is officially complete! What DIYs do you have planned for the weekend?

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  1. My DIY includes making a windowsill herb garden using some empty jars of varying sizes. I love your project. That was a perfect save for the table top and gave you such stylish solution to your storage problem.

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