The Maps.

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 You ever have a project sit on a Pinterest board long enough to make you start wondering if your just ever reeeeeeeally going to actually do it? This project was that exact case for me. I’ve seen more versions of this than I can list on this blog and I’ve had a handful pinned for quite a while. But! When I was setting up our mini hall/laundry/entryway space (aka random chunk of wall) I needed something compact to decorate with and the map project was finally brought to life:


   I’ve seen maps cut into hearts around places you’ve lived, proposal/life stories stitched on maps, stitched hearts of travels on maps, and many more but I wanted to keep it pretty simple for our version. Plus, I wanted to fill the whole frame with the map image. I grabbed the state images here, cropped them to fit our frames(5×7″), printed them on straight copy paper, and stamped the places we have lived so far.


   I tried doing this with white acrylic paint first but it was too subtle. So I stamped right over the white hearts with black ink which I stamped on scratch paper first(An old coworker taught me this! The effect is more distressed and you never over ink). Once it dried I used the paint stirrer hanging trick to get these up on the wall super quick.


   It’s just a small addition to the wall space here but I love that its our story. So what projects have been lingering on your Pinterest boards? Any map projects in your future? Tell me all about it! Happy hump day my peeps!

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