Replacing RV Window Treatments

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Oh padded valances…. sigh. Why did you become an RV staple? I’ll never know! When we did all the demo on the fifth wheel I happily took out every last one. I knew this was something I’d do the day we first looked at this unit! It immediately brightened up the space and I was so excited to find new window treatments that kept all the pretty light!

Replacing RV window treatments

As you can see the valances also covered and enclosed the pull down day/night shades. After spending some time with these shades (and breaking one on our very first trip!) I knew they had to come out as well. Im sure people are cringing at the idea because shades are not cheap to replace but the idea of living full time with these was crazy. So out they went! Also, my fam doesn’t normally or intentionally match on demo day! LOL!

Replacing RV window treatments

Once everything was gone I realized I really wanted to preserve all that brightness. I looked at several different window treatments… roller shades, blinds, curtains… so many options! It became clear I was going to need multiple solutions to get both the look and privacy we needed.

Eventually I found these curtains on Amazon. Being that RV windows are crazy sizes I didn’t even bother trying to find ones sized to match. I ordered the biggest ones they had and planned to cut down to size. I really liked the linen texture and the sheer coverage. They let in a ton of light and they’re a fraction of the price of true linen.

Replacing RV window treatments

It took a few days to cut and hem all the panels to size but it was very simple sewing. All straight lines and long stitches! It took 3 sets total to make panels for all the windows and I puzzled out as many as possible per section. We installed light weight wrap around curtain rods to hang them on and even used some of the same holes left from the valances.

*Everything we’ve hung (pre-existing holes or not!) has been mounted with molly bolts. We find its the most secure way to hang anything permanent in our fifth wheel and works perfectly with the luan walls.

Replacing RV window treatmentsReplacing RV window treatmentsReplacing RV window treatmentsReplacing RV window treatmentsReplacing RV window treatmentsReplacing RV window treatments

When it came to the bedroom we wanted the option for a bit more privacy. I felt like I saw the same cheap rollers used in several RV makeovers. Im sure they are an inexpensive solution if you are working on a budget but again we are talking FULL TIME USE. And the one thing nearly everyone agrees on is the roller shades eventually loose their ability to roll back up. We aint got time for items that have a short shelf life! Ha!

So we headed to Home Depot to check out a few other options. After feeling a few window treatments in person we settled on Cordless Cellular Shades. If you buy them in the store they will also cut them to size for free while you do your other shopping. Obviously this was a perk as we needed some seriously non traditional sizes.

Replacing RV window treatments

The shades fit perfectly within the curtain rods we had and were incredibly easy to mount. The shades themselves are cordless and move up or down soooooo smoothly! We got the blackout versions which were a little more but totally worth it and doable since its only 3 small windows.

Replacing RV window treatments

In addition to the shades I also added a bit of tassel trim to the curtains in the bedroom. Im not 100% set on the bedroom color scheme for the new space but I know it will include some Navy as I plan to recycle some pieces from our loft. For now, this little addition is really perking up the simple window treatments!

Replacing RV window treatmentsReplacing RV window treatmentsReplacing RV window treatments

Have you replaced any window treatments in your living space lately? Is your RV full of bulky padded valances? Do you love em’ or hate em’? You know I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

Replacing RV window treatments

Replacing RV window treatments

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  1. I’m so impressed by what you’ve done here! I never would have thought of doing this. My hubby and I might want to travel in an RV some day so I’ll have to save your post…thanks!

  2. Wow, those cabinets! I’m always impressed by people who can do their own home improvements since I can barely hang a picture. This is truly inspiring!

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