MALM Nightstand Hack

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I used to hate that old saying “better late than never”. Well, to be honest, I truly can’t stand when people aren’t punctual(thanks Pops!) but when it comes to hacks I’m all for it! Ikea hacks that is. I know, I know, people have been hacking Ikea goods for probably as long as the place has been churning out affordable furniture but I’d never joined the party. And while I’ve bought plenty of Ikea furniture over the years its  never been with the intention of pulling off a hack from the get go. That is, until this move. Until this Ikea ‘As-Is’ section. Until this MALM nightstand hack.

NightstandBA (3)

If you’ve been reading these posts a while you will remember our Ikea haul that maxed out our Prius packing capabilities(above). Hidden in that pile of discounted goods were two beat up MALM nightstands priced at a whopping $27. We may have knack for finding crazy as-is deals(what can I say?!). These guys are normally around $55 each and seeing the pair marked down so much with what I considered strictly cosmetic issues I threw them on our cart as quickly as possible.

After rolling around a few color schemes for our new bedroom space I decided on a Navy // Rosegold // Beachwood combo. With that in mind I skimmed the chalk paint color selection and grabbed a container of FolkArt Home Decor in the color Nautical. The label looked pretty close to the shade I was going for but after I swatched it I realized it was way too light(closer to a royal blue?). So I grabbed the  container of Rich black and started mixing. After 2 coats of paint, 1 coat of Wax, and 20 minutes of elbow grease buffing these looked good as better than new!


*Side note: if you’re mixing a custom color its really helpful to weigh it as you go. I use our little digital kitchen scale and and write down the “recipe” as I go. This way I can mix as I go and when you’re covering larger areas like furniture you can duplicate your shade over and over again as needed. The final color came out to about 3 parts blue and 1 part black.

Now to the hardware! I’ve used these simple pulls for other projects in the past and loved them. I knew I wanted to use them again to keep the look pretty clean. Plus, you cant grab the multi pack of 10 which is great because I have plans for the other 6 handles(more on that later). I’d been lusting after all the gorgeous rose gold hardware floating around Pinterest for some time but after seeing a couple price tags(who pays this much for handles??) decided I could get the same look with some good ol’ spray paint.

NightstandBA (1)

I started off with the Valspar Rose Gold since it was so highly recommended online. This was great on coverage and it did have a rosey hue but I like my Rose Gold pushing the line on Copper so I went in search of something else. Now looking at the Dusty Pink by Krylon you would think this is going to come out straight Pink sans any Gold but NOPE! It came out in my dream color mashup of Copper and Rose Gold(que the spray paint angels singing! Ahhhhh!). You can see the difference pretty well below. The right has just one coat of the Valspar and the Left has the additionally coat of Krylon:

NightstandBA (2)

I know I have been blowing up my social media with a lot of #chalkpaint but I’m still totally in love. Get used to it peeps! Any product that has this kind of coverage and staying power without me having to sand a single square inch is here to STAY! This covered all the scrapes and scratches these floor models had and made it look like part of the wood grain. And again: NO SANDING!


We talked about adding feet/legs(and we may still) but for now we are loving these new-to-us nightstands! So have you intentionally hacked any Ikea goods? Done a nightstand makeover? Tell me all about peeps!

MALM Nightstand Hack

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