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Its been a while since we moved into our loft. For quite some time the kitchen was in a constant shuffle. Its one of the most used spaces and I may(ok, definitely) be particular about how things are situated. My only excuse is that I do 99% of the cooking in our home. Ha! So now that things are just right I thought it was time to share the Kitchen Tour!

Home Tour Kitchen

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One of the best things we did when we moved in was make this kitchen island. We have shuffled the contents here and there but overall its stayed the same. And we LOVE it. This adds so much extra storage to our kitchen and our most used items are conveniently within reach.

Home Tour Kitchen

Some of the shelves are open for storing larger items and others we’ve found containers for. We’ve used a combination of collapsible bins and magazine organizers for most everything. And lastly, we found the perfect adjustable wine storage! This took some trial and error but when this is built into a square it fits perfectly in the cubes of the expedit shelves.

Home Tour Kitchen

We also attached this magazine rack to the far side for lid storage. I just love these things! I’ve used them for years even before we built this island. They have been discontinued at the stores(Ikea) but you can still grab similar ones on Amazon. Ive attached them to kitchen carts and even the inside of kitchen cabinets. Its honestly the best way I’ve found to keep lids organized so far.

Kitchen Tour

Other easy organizing products Ive found are wood trays and chalkboard labels. The trays I’ve painted to match the rest of the decor in the kitchen. And yes, of course I used chalk paint and wax! So far these have held up really well and the wax finish cleans well with just a wet rag. The labels I found on Amazon and I use them on EVERYthing! I cut them to fit on smaller jars and use the full labels for larger canisters.

Kitchen Tour

The other thing Ive added here and there is plants. I used to have the hardest time keeping ANY plants alive but something about this place is turning that right around! I think the amount of light we get in the loft is playing a big part. It may also be the plants themselves. Ive narrowed it down to a few varieties that are pretty indestructible. Generally speaking, I can keep succulents and philodendrons alive. Lets all cross our fingers that they are still alive after this is published. Ha!

Kitchen Tour

Kitchen Home Tour
Home Tour: Kitchen Edition. Check out the loft kitchen with DIY island for tons of extra storage!

So what organizing products or DIYs are you using in your kitchen? Are plants taking over your countertops too? You know Id love to hear all about it in the comments!

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  1. Your kitchen is beautiful! The island is so creative, useful and gorgeous. I love your YUM sign. I use to kill silk plants and now all the sudden I am keeping plants alive too! I guess they really do like coffee grounds.

  2. Your kitchen looks great! I’m dreaming of doing a small update on ours (we rent) it’s just so dreary to me though, so hoping to convince my husband it’s worth it! haha

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