Home Tour: Bath

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Its been over a year since Q and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in the Dominican Republic. That said, not a day goes by I don’t think of at least some part of that trip. It was just one of those amazing once in a lifetime experiences. Part of the magic there was the morning we spent at the spa. The building, decor, and general vibe was amazing and incredibly calming. So its no surprise its been one of my biggest inspirations while decorating the loft bath!

When I started collecting items to pull together this look I wanted to focus on a couple specific elements and feelings. Yes, I said feelings. You know that sense of calm that washes over you when you step into a spa. Its the one that says “its time to relax”, “you deserve a touch of luxury”, and “this is a peaceful space” all in one…. ya, you know what Im talking about! I also wanted to pull tropical elements without crossing the line into “beachy”. Not that beach is a terrible theme but I had a grandma with a beach bathroom complete with those seashell soaps no body was allowed to use. You know the kind! Nothing about that side of beach decor says resort spa to me(sorry grandma!).

Home Tour: Bath

One of the elements I saw repeated throughout the spa that I just couldn’t get enough of: oversized foliage. They used leaves to line tall lanterns, under piles of crisp white towels, and as coasters for your cucumber water. Obviously I don’t have an endless supply of fresh banana leaves here in San Jose so I turned to faux stems. Luckily there are so many awesome products out there for “life like” foliage! I picked up this oversized Split Leaf Philodendron at Michaels but Palms or a Monstera would be lovely as well.

Home Tour: Bath

With the cabinets, tiles, and sink already fulfilling the crisp white quota for that spa feel I only needed to add a few touches of color. I pulled the blues and neutrals from the prints below which were hand-me-downs I’ve had for years. The color pallet in these prints could not have been more perfect for this resort spa vibe! I just picked up a set of distressed frames and used them sans glass.

Home Tour: Bath

Another element I saw repeated heavily was natural textures. They had giant stone planters, raw wood shelving, teak shower decks and several other fabulous natural materials throughout the spa. I rummaged through the items I had on hand  and found a fairly good mix! You’ve got to love shopping your own stash! #winning

Home Tour: BathHome Tour: BathHome Tour: Bath

After the straw/palm, rope, and leather pieces were added to the mix I was picking up momentum on the project. But there was stiiiiiiill just something missing… I couldnt put my finger on it. Until I saw the teak tissue cover! Ha! It seems like a silly little thing but I knew it was the last natural “element” I was missing in my mix. I ordered the matching tub caddy the same day and I’ve been obsessed since. No spa is complete without legit aqua-therapy!

The last couple items are classics: salts and candles. We are all about that detox salt soak and I buy the salt in bulk. Having a pretty jar means I can store them out on the countertop which is great when you are short on vanity storage space. The candles are a mix of scents and sizes I pick up whenever I find something I like. Im pretty picky about scents but a little aromatherapy can totally change a space. Plus, a softer light (like a few well placed candles) can really set a sense of calm.

So are you feeling that resort spa calmness yet? I know I am! Have you used any of these elements to create your own spa vibe? Have any other spa tips to share? You know I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

Home Tour: Bath
Creating a spa atmosphere at home can be a fabulous way to relax. We took inspiration from our last tropical resort trip to DIY an at home spa. Check out the details!


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  1. I like the choice of natural textures and the blue bits like the candles. It looks so relaxing! Perfect for a batroom

  2. Wow! Yo turned this place in to such a dream! I love the aspect you went for and how you added the luxury feel!I also had a drama with a beach bathroom.. it was awful! lol Thanks for sharing love!

  3. I haven’t created my own bathroom spa, but now I want to! I am in love with that tub caddy. You’ve definitely done a great job creating a space that exudes the essence of calmness!

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