DIY Marbled Diffuser

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Fall. We all love it right? One of the many reasons I love these next couple weeks is the cozy vibes and sinking into my inner homebody. Lately one of my favorite ways to up the cozy factor in our home is diffusing Essential Oils(EOs). My sweet cousin has recently converted me to an oil lovin’ fool and I couldn’t be happier!

If you’re already diffusing EOs in your home you know the diffuser market is VAST. They come in every shape, size, and color you could dream up and there are some absolutely stunning options. When I bought my diffuser I wasn’t willing to commit to a super expensive option so I went with a well reviewed and super affordable model.

After using this in our home everyday for some time I decided the only way to love it more was to give it a makeover! You know I love paint and marbling(I swear that could have been another title option for this blog!) and it was the first thing I thought to try. Of course Im now completely obsessed and want to make these for every person I know. Spoiler alert for any family and friends… Santa’s making you diffusers! Ha!

Ok, so lets get down to the deets! Besides the actual diffuser you just need a container larger enough to roll your diffuser in, nail polish, scissors, a skewer, and painters tape. I also threw down some newsprint to protect my work surface but any drop cloth or scratch paper will work.

I purchased a basic cool mist diffuser online. The body is plastic and made up of 3 main pieces. I removed the lid from the base and separated the cup from the cover.  Being able to take this apart is absolutely key! Obviously electricity and water don’t mix well so if you cant remove your lid completely I would not recommend this process.

Once everything was separated I masked off the hole on top and the bottom edge with painters tape. It can be a little tricky getting the tape to follow the edge exactly so I slapped on a few pieces and used scissors to cut off the excess.

DIY Marbled Diffuser

When everything was taped off I got to the fun stuff… making the marble! I filled up the container with enough water to bring the marble close to the top. If you want to ‘dip’ vs ‘roll’ you need your container to be deep enough to accommodate the whole lid. Personally I like to ‘roll’ but you can practice on other items to find your own marbling style.

DIY Marbled Diffuser

After I poured a few layers of paint(quickly) onto the surface I swirled with a skewer. The pattern you see on the surface isn’t going to transfer as-is onto your lid so don’t overthink it. Just swirl enough to get a random pattern.

DIY Marbled Diffuser

Then I got to rolling! I had to roll three times to overlap the sides and top but I didn’t have to reload the paint. Overlapping also created a more random look so it was #winning all around! I left the lid on some newsprint to dry(in the sun) for a full 24 hours. It might have been overkill but I wanted to make sure the paint was completely cured before reassembling.

Once the 24 hours was up I loaded it with water and a few drops of EOs and fell in love all over again! Ok, ok, that may be a bit much but honestly I sat there admiring my handy work for a good 5 minutes. Im so excited with how this came out and how easy it will be to replicate.

So have you started using EOs in your home? Is your diffuser in need of a makeover? You know I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

DIY Marbled Diffuser
Give your Essential Oil Diffuser a fabulous makeover with this DIY marbling technique!

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  1. Oh my gosh, SO cute!! I’m constantly diffusing and have never even thought of turning those plain or ugly diffusers into an actual decor piece!! GENIUS!

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