Designing With: Grids

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Over the years there have been a few design “tricks” I’ve repeated in nearly every home we’ve had. Simple grids are one of them and they can be used in nearly every room of your living space. The perk of the “grid” is its ability to make nearly any collection of items look tidy, organized, and and intentional. One way in particular to create a simple grid is with clipboards.

I think my love for clipboards comes from my Sister in Law. In the middle of planning our wedding she reminded me how efficient and official(ha!) they make you feel and my house has never been without them since. In our studio space I use them to organize assignments, budgets, photos, inspirational pieces and more.

Clipboard Grids

Yes, I love Pinterest but it will just never replace a need for an old school “pinboard” in my space. The only bummer about pinboards is they can look messy or cluttered. Making a grid with clipboards and using the surface to contain some of the pieces adds a bit of structure. I also change what is visually inspiring me frequently and using these clipboards makes it super easy to swap items out on the reg. Another perk: using clipboards keeps me from having to poke holes in my photos! #winning

Clipboard Grids

I’ve bought clipboads in bulk from the beginning. You can get them in three or six packs and I’m sure the trusty internet will let you buy them in any other quantity your grid might require. I hang them with clear thumb tacks which is also great when you’re renting because they leave the tiniest holes. If you’re going to clip a crazy amount of goods or you’re hanging something heavy on one of your boards a picture hanger will be a better option. I use this same gallery hanging technique to get these up quickly and spaced perfectly. And hey! Notice what else is in grid form in that post?

Clipboard Grids

Our studio space in the loft is relatively small so a grid of 6 is just enough. Although, I’ve always wanted a space that allows for a full wall of clipboards. How cool would that be?! Maybe in our next space!

Obviously grids don’t always need to be made with clipboards. The loft currently has four different grids throughout the walls all made up of different things. Ive blogged about the ones in our entry and bedroom previously. Clearly its a go-to for me but it can be used in so many different variations I never feel like things are too repetitive.

Clipboard Grids

So, are you using grids in your home? Have another awesome use for clipboards? You know I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

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  1. I love how organized this looks! My ideas are all over the place and I absolutely love cute clipboards! As a scrapbooker, this system would work well for me!

  2. I LOVE this idea! I never put anything up like this because I was always so fickle. I just left y desk cluttered, Using clipboards is SO SMART! I’m stealing this! <3

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