Copper Pipe Plant Stand

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I recently saw a meme that read: plant lady is the new cat lady. First, I think this is hilarious. Second, Im absolutely on a path to crazy plant lady. I love my plants and our loft is slowly being converted to jungle status. No regrets! But having all these plants and pots around the house means I’ve searched and shopped just about every plant stand I can. I’ve bought a few locally, ordered a few online, scavenged a few, and now of course Im starting to DIY a few. And I started with this awesome copper pipe plant stand.

When we moved this last time we had a LOT of supplies left over from our home renovation. Some items we gave away, others we have been able to sell, and still others are lingering. This was the case with the copper pipes. We had 2 lengths of pipe left over from a water heater project and I’ve been waiting for the right DIY project to use them up. Which is how these two dilemmas came to be the perfect solution: copper pipe plant stand!

If you search Pinterest for plant stand DIYs you will find them made out of every material imaginable. But after reading through a couple pipe specific tutorials I kept coming up with the same issue…. no one uses the the entire lengths of pipe! This seemed nuts to me so I adjusted the measurements slightly and came up with two plant stand sizes that both use the entire 5 foot lengths of pipe.

Copper pipe plant stand

Each plant stand requires:

-1 5ft length of pipe

-8 tees

-8 caps


I measured, marked and cut the following lengths:

For the original stand:

-4 pieces 2” for inner frame

-4 pieces 2.5″ for outer frame

-4 pieces 3″ for top support

-4 pieces 7.5″ for legs


For a taller/slimmer stand:

-4 pieces 2″ for inner frame

-4 pieces 2″ for outer frame

-4 pieces 3″ for top support

-4 pieces 8″ for legs

Once everything was cut I simply connected the pieces with tees and added the caps to the ends. I read a couple tutorials that used glue or crimping tools to keep everything together but my pipes and fittings were pretty tight already so I skipped this step. Obviously if the fittings are loose or separate easily using a bit of glue is necessary. Lastly, I polished the whole stand with a cotton rag and a mix of lemon and salt. This mix really brought a shine back to the copper and helped remove the last bits of sticker residue. With the stands polished they are right at home with all the rose gold in the rest of the bedroom.

The measurements for this DIY can be rearranged and adjusted to accommodate any pot size and/or pipe length which is super convenient! Once you get the basic shape of this down I promise you will start thinking of other possible versions! So what plant stands are you loving at the moment? Have you gone DIY on your plant stands yet? You know I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

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