Home Tour: Front Door

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Our loft has rows and rows of the same door/light/number entries and while they’re clean and fairly new they’re also fairly boring! I know we aren’t the only renters with this dilemma. When you live in an apartment your entryway is most likely going to look like eeeeeevery body else’s. But that doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way! You can absolutely personalize your front door and entryway to make your rental space unique.

Home Tour: Front doorDoormats:

This is probably one of the first things we add to any new space. Its functional since it cuts down on the dirt tracked into our place as well as decorative. If you’re feeling crafty your can DIY a design on a solid mat. Or you can shop any of the billion designs online(seriously theres bound to be a design perfect for your space!). We grabbed this one at Target.  Home Tour: Front DoorPlants:

Its no secret I hope to become a #plantlady and let our space be taken over by fabulous green lovelies. And our entry way is no exception! I knew I wanted something green to liven up the space but sunlight was an issue. We basically enter by hallway(even though its outdoors) which means there is very little sun. This limited our choices a bit and I’m pretty positive you wont find bright flowers gracing our front door but I’m ok with that. Luckily succulents and other non-fussy plants are popular and finding something for this nook was easy. I rarely have to water this Dragon Tree and its thriving even without great sun exposure.  Home Tour: Front DoorWreaths:

With the help of removable hooks even us renters can add wreaths to our front doors! You can find them in nearly any color so they are no longer just for the holidays. Yay! I loved this mushroom wreath the second I saw it and I know I can add decorative bits to dress it up throughout the year. Its made of dried and dyed mushrooms and it adds a ton of texture. If our front door got a lot of exposure to the elements I’d look for something less fragile. In this case, Im using that hallway to our advantage. Home Tour: Front DoorIts only a couple simple items but it changes the look of our entryway and livens up our space. So what are your favorite ways to decorate the front door and entryway? You know Id love to hear all about it in the comments!


Home Tour: Front Door
Home Tour: Front Door

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  1. It’s crazy how doing so little can totally change a space! I’ve been rearranging some this weekend and I’m noticing it in ny own space as well! Loving that wreath too 🙂

  2. We are finally putting some touches into our entryway and it’s made a huge difference! We got a little table and a sign that says “Come in, we’re awesome!”

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