3 Simple DIYs

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As much as I’d like to design and create all the decor and furniture in our homes from scratch its just not realistic. On the other hand, plucking something off a shelf and bringing it home to use “as is” is pretty rare. So generally I do a little of both. Some projects are more involved and some (like I’m about to share) are very simple. I promise it doesn’t always take a great deal of time or skill to customize your decor and I’ve got 3 simple DIYs to prove it!

  1. Paint.

Its generally my go-to when I want to alter a piece. Its inexpensive, nearly limitless in options/colors, and you can add it to pretty much any surface. I picked up this awesome wood planter at Target to update my bedroom plant scene. I loved the raw wood and it fit perfectly in my copper plant stands. Except… it just… needed a liiiiiiiiil somthin…ha!

3 Simple DIYs

After placing it next to the other pot I was using I figured I could pull some of that stripe-y goodness and make them look coordinating without actually matching. I threw on a couple wraps of painters tape and filled them in with craft acrylic. Since the plant will live inside a liner Im not concerned with moisture getting to the paint and didn’t bother with any sealer. Adding simple painted patterns or stripes is a quick and easy way to get some of the colors you want in your space on your decor.

3 Simple DIYs

2. Ribbon.

Ribbon, twill tape, twine, yarn…. basically anything you can wrap and tie! I may or may not have a crazy amount of ribbon(and the like) from my days working at both a craft store and then fabric shop. So it shouldn’t be a big surprise this is another quick trick I use often. Again, the variety factor is amazing with these materials and you can generally find something that works with the vision you have for your space. Another perk about simply tying or wrapping something up is the zero damage factor. You can embellish something and later on down the road change or remove your addition to suit another room or design.

3 Simple DIYs

This was truly as simple as: wrap, knot, and trim. Its not a crazy makeover but repeating that white stripe makes it visually tie in with the rest of the room juuuuust a bit more. Not all upgrades need to be big to make a difference!

3 Simple DIYs

3. Washi Tape

Speaking of zero damage, lets talk tape! Washi tape that is. You can add this to so many surfaces and it will peel right off whenever you decide your done with that look. The last time I hit the craft store there was a whole section dedicated to washi tape so the possibilities here are pretty fab. I’ve used washi tape on quite a few projects now and I will say it does better on smooth surfaces. Surfaces like glass work especially well so when it was time to upcycle this old candle holder into a planter I knew tape was going to be my quickest bet. Also, you can layer your washi tapes to create your own patterns and designs. Yay for getting bonus tapes!

3 Simple DIYs

And you can finally keep your collection on display in these adorable dispensers(yes, Im totally obsessed!).

3 Simple DIYs

So are you a customizer? Have you livened up a new piece? Or upcycled an old treasure? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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  1. The ribbon plant pots are calling my name (mostly because I’ve just started my indoor cactus collection😃; I’m gonna pin and try to make them! So cute!

  2. My favorite way to give something a makeover is paint. It makes such a difference!! My husband is in the process of painting our kitchen cabinets white!

  3. I love with simple, yet atmosphere changing ideas! I’ve painted, and I’ve done ribbons, but I have never considered wasabi tape before. That’s such a genius idea!

  4. I absolutely adored the first one! I´ve been looking for planters that big but the ones I´ve found are so expensive. Like, I´m not paying $70 for that but this DIY idea is just PERFECT!!!!! Guess who´s going to the store tomorrow and get the materials for this? Oh, yes! That would be me! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this! Loved it!

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